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Journal Articles

Polymer Bulletin, 2017 
D Thomas, KA Vijayalakshmi, JJ Mathen, S Augustine, D Ponnamma, KK Sadasivuni, JJ Cabibihan

Physiological Responses to Affective Tele-Touch during Induced Emotional Stimuli

IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, 2017

JJ Cabibihan and SS Chauhan

Nanostructure ZnFe2O4 with Bacillus Subtilis for Detection of LPG at Low Temperature

Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017 
S Goutham, D Kumar, S Devarai, KK Sadasivuni, JJ Cabibihan, K Rao, V Kalagadda

Sensing Technologies for Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening and Intervention

Sensors Journal, 2016 

JJ Cabibihan, H Javed, M Aldosari, TW Frazier, H Elbashir

Using Robot Animation to Promote Gestural Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 2016

WC So, MKY Wong, JJ Cabibihan, CKY Lam, RYY Chan, HH Qian

Microtron Irradiation Induced Tuning of Band Gap and Photoresponse of Al-ZnO Thin Films Synthesized by mSILAR

Journal of Electronic Materials, 2016

D Thomas, S Augustine, KK Sadasivuni, D Ponnamma, AY Alhaddad, JJ Cabibihan, KA Vijayalakshimi

A Flexible Gastric Gas Sensor Based on Functionalized Optical Fiber

IEEE Sensors Journal, 2016
Y Chen, Y Zilberman, SK Ameri, WJ Yoon, JJ Cabibihan, S Sonkusale

Reduced Graphene Oxide Filled Poly(Dimethyl Siloxane) Based Transparent Stretchable, and Responsive Sensors

Applied Physics Letters, 2016
D Ponnamma, KK Sadasivuni, JJ Cabibihan, WJ Yoon and B Kumar

A Hands-Free Interface for Controlling Virtual Electric-Powered Wheelchair

International Journal of Advanced Robotics, 2016
T Gulrez, A Tognetti, M Kavakli, WJ Yoon, JJ Cabibihan

Illusory Sense of Human Touch from a Warm and Soft Artificial Hand

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2015

JJ Cabibihan, D Joshi, YM Srinivasa, MA Chan, A Muruganantham

Humans are Well Tuned to Detecting Agents Among Non-Agents

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2015 

A Wykowska, J Kajopoulos, M Obando-Leiton, SS Chauhan, JJ Cabibihan, G Cheng

Combining Robotic Persuasive Strategies: The Persuasive Power of a Storytelling Robot that Uses Gazing and Gestures

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2015

J Ham, RH Cuijpers, JJ Cabibihan

Effects of the Artificial Skin's Thickness on the Subsurface Pressure Profiles of Flat, Curved, and Braille Surfaces

IEEE Sensors Journal, 2014

JJ Cabibihan, SS Chauhan, S Suresh 

Why robots? A Survey on the Roles and Benefits of Social Robots in the Therapy of Children with Autism

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2013

JJ Cabibihan, H Javed, MH Ang Jr, SM Aljunied

Human-Recognizable Robotic Gestures

IEEE Trans on Autonomous Mental Development, 2012

JJ Cabibihan, WC So, S Pramanik

Telerobotic Pointing Gestures Shape Human Spatial Cognition

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2012
JJ Cabibihan, WC So, S Saj, Z Zhang

A Non Intrusive Human Fatigue Monitoring System

International Journal of Future Computer and Communications, 2012

MJ Ali, S Sarkar GNVA Pavan Kumar, JJ Cabibihan

Patient-Specific Prosthetic Fingers by Remote Collaboration–A Case Study

PLoS ONE, 2011

JJ Cabibihan

Prosthetic Finger Phalanges with Lifelike Skin Compliance for Low-Force Social Touching Interactions

Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2011

JJ Cabibihan, R Pradipta, SS Ge

Artificial Skin Ridges Enhance Tactile Shape Discrimination

Sensors, 2011

S Salehi, JJ Cabibihan, SS Ge

Towards humanlike social touch for sociable robotics and prosthetics: Comparisons on the compliance, conformance and hysteresis of synthetic and human fingertip skins

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2009

JJ Cabibihan, S. Pattofatto, M. Jomaa, A. Benallal, M. C. Carrozza

Bio-inspired sensorization of a biomechatronic robot hand for the grasp-and-lift task

Brain Research Bulletin, 2008

BB Edin, L Ascari, L Beccai, S Roccella, JJ Cabibihan, MC Carrozza

Design and Development of Five Fingered Hands for a Humanoid Emotion Expression Robot

International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 2007

S Roccella, MC Carrozza, G Cappiello, JJ Cabibihan, C Laschi, P Dario, H Takanobu, M Matsumoto, H Miwa, K Itoh, A Takanishi

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Preface to Journal Special Issues

When Robots Engage Humans

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2014

JJ Cabibihan, MA Williams, R Simmons

Towards an Effective Design of Social Robots

International Journal of Social Robotics, 2011

H Li, JJ Cabibihan, YK Tan

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Manuscripts Under Review / In Preparation

Effects of Visual and Haptic Feedback in Surgical Grasping Experiments

JJ Cabibihan, WJ Yoon, AY Alhaddad, T Gulrez, HR Choi

A Method for High Accuracy Replication of an Amputated Arm

JJ Cabibihan, MK Abu Basha, N Thakor

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